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Lightning Payments For .Trade

.Trade is Trade that is in some way facilitated by a Blockchain and Smart Contract

Associated LightningPaymentsFor.Trade websites called GatewaysTo.Trade websites act as Gateways to .Trade

LightningPaymentsFor.Trade Websites Facilitate Lightning Payments For .Trade

A LightningPaymentsFor.Trade Website is a Website Branded for a Particular Programme, Currency, or Country, which is operated by a Partner Bank and uses the Core Facilities Provided by a Provider to Provide Lightning Payment Services that it then sells to participants in the GatewaysTo.Trade

e-Debit provides the interface and the product delivery implementation

Ripple is proposed as the Lightning Payment Services Provider

e-Debit will also introduce the LightningPaymentsFor.Trade to over 1 million subscribers to e-Debit owned sites comprising on online video and messaging sites

Proposed Co-operation with Ripple for the utilization of RippleNet to provide a LightningPaymentsFor.Trade Currency Network Service for Currencies of over 80 countries

LightningPaymentsFor.Trade partners operate Gateways To Trade Sites and introduce the Lightning Payments For Trade Servicesto their members/subscribers


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